Chile Activity Worksheet

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With this PDF booklet, children will be able to learn about Chile through playful activities!

Spanish version here!

Includes 17 assorted comprehensive activities for use from ages 3 and up! You can modify leaving pages out if they are too complicated for their age range.

Includes: Trace the words Flag, Coat of Arms, Copihue + color the drawing (or fill in with chopped paper or whatever you want!), fill in the missing letters, count typical foods, match the drawing with its shadow, connect the dots from 1 to 9 and from 1 to 20, differences (5 and 7), what comes next?, which one is different?, maze, find the correct shadow, cut and paste to complete the pattern.

I also added a cute mascot-like character that represents the Chilean flag so children can have fun coloring it!
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PDF Chile Worksheets (File .pdf)

PDF Answer Sheet (File .pdf)

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$5 USD

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